CPA Tutoring

CPA Services provides a wide range of services beyond just CPA exam prepartion, all of which are performed by a practicing professional CPA. In order to provide the perfect fit for your CPA exam preparations and CPA tutor preferences, you may combine any of our CPA tutor services. Designed for all levels (no matter where they are in the CPA exam taking process).

CPA Cram Session (1-2 days before the exam)
CPA Cram Sessions are designed for the CPA candidate who wants to get through the CPA exam material in just one or two days. These sessions are designed to last the entire day. This elongated time slot, reserves your own personal CPA Tutor at no charge.  
Your CPA tutor will be on standby for the entire 12 hour period, ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best CPA test-taking tips.  Being able to utilize your own personal CPA Tutor on an as-needed basis allows for a more effective review session than the typical one hour sessions.  The topics covered in this short time period are only those that your CPA Tutor considers to be the most vital to successfully pass each section.

CPA Review (4-7 days before the exam)
The CPA Review sessions have been specifically designed for CPA candidates that have have received prior CPA preparation.  These sessions are designed to reiterate the covered material in a slower manner than in the Cram Session, while still keeping a fast enough pace to get thorough all material effectively. CPA Review is recommended for candidates that have anywhere from four to seven days before sitting for each section of the CPA exam.

CPA Preparation (1 week - 2 month)
To achieve the maximum effectiveness this session is highly recommended.  There are no prerequisites to this review session nor is any previous CPA studying experience needed. This session is designed to determine a candidate’s weaknesses so that a personalized study regime can be created so as to strengthen the candidate in these specified areas.

CPA Deadline (2-3 months before the exam)
These sessions have been designed to cater to students who must study for two parts of the CPA exam concurrently. Most candidates who choose this option are trying to avoid losing a part of the CPA exam due to timing, personal or work related issues.  

Undergraduate & Graduate Accounting Studies
All types of assistance for accounting homework, papers and projects. works with students and other professionals, as requested.  Each candidate’s progress is continuously monitored allowing for regular reports and feedback to be provided upon one’s request. All of the personal information contained within these items is kept in strict confidence. You are not just a number here at, we will work with you every step of the way in order to turn you into a CPA.