CPA Tutoring

About Us’s founder is a practicing CPA who works for a top-four accounting firm and has personal experience with the computerized CPA exam. We realize that professional exams expect a demanding amount of preparation which most exam instructors cannot provide.  At we take a highly analytical approach and focus on the most frequently tested areas in order to optimize your study time. After all, the most important aspect about the exam is TIME.  Once you are a Certified Professional Accountant, you will need to be able to decide what is most important and devote your time to that, putting aside everything else. This same strategy is the key to passing the exam. Memorization will only get you so far which is usually not far enough to get you a passing grade on all four sections.

We believe that success builds upon itself, and if the correct skill sets are learned and utilized you will be able to reach that next level as an accounting professional.

We take an individualized approach to our study style, tailoring sessions to each student’s personal strengths and weaknesses (something that most of those larger review companies cannot afford to do simply because they cannot cater to everyone’s specific needs). Everyone has different needs and, unfortunately, to meet the qualifications of a practicing professional those needs usually get pushed aside in an effort just to "pass the exam". We at strive to provide students with the tools and knowledge that will be needed long after sitting for the CPA exam -- our goal is to prepare students for their career as a certified accounting professional. 
Where will you be when the test timer runs out?

We hope to see you on the other side….